Trump – International Mail-Art Competition

The artist Clementine Klein has proclaimed a mail-art competition on the subject:

“T R U M P” – Can art be the toothless tiger that bites Trump?

20+21/01/2018, 5-8pm 
KulturEck OTTO2,

Ottostr.2, D-40625 Düsseldorf

22. Februar – 4. März 2018
Pfleggasse 23, D-94469 Deggendorf 

Opening 22/02/2018, 7pm
Open: wednesday – sunday, 2-5pm 

Further exhibitions take place in Berlin, Regensburg and Hamburg, additional dates will be announced.

Désirée Wickler presents the work: Luxuria I – III. More information about the participants can be found here: